Are you part of the disillusioned? The melted masses shadowed into obscurity? Which social contract are you bound by? Have you granted yourself permission to think your own thoughts and live your own life independently of the noise created by religious, social and political chaos?

Rousseau’s notions about natural human kindness and the emotional foundations of ethics still furnish the core of today’s moral outlook, and much of modern political philosophy likewise builds on the foundation of Rousseau’s On Social Contract (1762).

Pencil  on textured paper; 760mm W x 590mm H.

Shipping size incl. packaging

Height (CM) = 74

Width / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 89

Depth / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 17

Weight = 7kg

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‘The air chilled at sunset,

the ground crisped;

a hoar frost insidiously stole

over growing grass and unfolding bud


Superannuated wood-giants

clad in bright shrouds of ivy

shook its leaves;

a scattering of leaves

fell to the ground


There they settled

with perfect composure

to await dissolution

Shadows had melted their masses

into one huge obscurity


Among the folded wings of the hills;

no sounds save the cry of a bird

seeking some lonelier tree


Darkness covered

the wrinkled skin of the turf

enveloping the solitary thorn tree

and the empty nest at its foot


The earth was a waste of shadow;





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