Pencil on textured paper; 760mm W x 590mm H.

Focusing on the process of psychological awakening with emphasis on perceptions of spiritual growth and the realisation that rebirthing is required in a severely controlled society.

Shipping size incl. packaging

Height (CM) = 74

Width / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 89

Depth / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 17

Weight = 7kg

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‘On my walk through winding,
unfrequented lanes,
the air is still,
the sun not wholly ineffectual,
my path firm

A meagre snowfall makes lace of the land;
birds in their branches keeps mute vigil
half in mourning,
wears a grey mantle
and sighs in the trees

The sun will soon become an early riser
And grey skies will go into storage
A living silence will issue a mumble
from hedge and shrub
From high in the trees sociable conversation of song,
will fill this very air,
with the humming of rebirth’


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