Requiem for Kindness


What cargo do we carry to make a secret of our souls?

I believe that most, if not all, of the social issues we face as humanity were created by humanity, because we lost the ability to connect with ourselves, each other and creation. We have covered ourselves with so many protective layers of dirt that we no longer pause and wonder at a fellow human’s strange story, their struggle or their soul. The shackles of control so strongly enforced by us can only be broken once we have re-established this basis.

Pencil on textured paper; 760mm W x 590mm H.

Shipping size incl. packaging

Height (CM) = 74

Width / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 89

Depth / Diameter if cylinder (CM) = 17

Weight = 7kg

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‘A drizzle was pattering softly

Smoke sketched a few curling grey vines,

thunder rumbled in the distance

Streetlights set blooms on tall iron stalks,

a grey veil swirls thick between;

And Humanity, 

in its infinite variety, 

is burnished by the serene light 

that shows the struggle of the soul

Each person with his own strange story,

numbed to tolerance and acquiescence,

none pause to wonder at his fellow’s,

infinitely abject, 

shuffling past with our eyes shut

Over us all brood a splendid unanimity; 

solemnized and brushed into uniformity 

as with a season squandered in grey

Our eyes seem to push through curtains of colour, 

which yield like veils and close behind them

In some tranquil space of pure clarity,

look how the light becomes richer; 

bloom and ripeness lie everywhere

Glory spreads out and multiplies its splendours 

faster than thought can affect its combinations, 

or aspiration can utter her longings

We are together; 

I press you to me’


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